MediaNOLA ( is a web portal for the collection and presentation of histories of cultural production in New Orleans.

Started in the Spring of 2009, the site was meant to encourage the preservation of collective memory by bringing together archival resources with members of the public to produce and reflect on the exceptional and ordinary people, places, and things associated with local culture. In other words, MediaNOLA is both a destination website and a tool for writing and mapping history. Used in conjunction with the MediaNOLA map (see home page), these pages offer a way of comparing cultural and mediated production sites, people, and objects through time and space and according to categories of production that frequently are separated in cultural histories.

MediaNOLA is a collaboration of Tulane students, programmers, archivists, and staff working with archivists and nonprofit organizations around the city to tell these multiple stories from 1880 to present. If you would like to get involved with MediaNOLA, please contact the project director Dr. Vicki Mayer, vmayer(at)