Thomas Burger Conservation Studio


Mr. Burger’s training was with the New Orleans Conservation Guild and a recognized private art conservator. He works as an art restorer/conservator in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His goal is to restore and maintain the visual images of the past so that future generations may learn from our masters in the world of art. Training and 15 years of experience have allowed him to pursue his own fine art conservation and restoration business in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Professional experience includes seven years of art restoration experience in Indiana and eight years of art restoration and conservation experience in New Orleans. Mr. Burger offers services in conservation and restoration for frames, paintings, paper, photography, and sculpture. Art conservation for period fine art is available to his clients. All restoration and conservation work is documented and photographed for future reference. [1]

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Thomas Burger Conservation Studio

1532 Mandeville Street, New Orleans, LA 70117