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It has been said that the art of Jamie Hayes captures the true spirit of New Orleans. His whimsical style and stunning colors are instantly recognizable and known the world over. Jamie’s work is collected by the famous and infamous as well as his many loyal fans all over the world. An interesting fact is that Jamie is color-blind. The “hair” on his characters, made up of small round circles, represents color-blind tests. This may be one of the reason he uses such vibrant colors when he paints. [1]

…from Jamie:

“I was born in Greencastle, Indiana and grew up in Graz, Austria. I was a scrimshaw artist for most of my adult life, as well as a professional musician (- boy, did I want to be a rock star!) and for many years I traveled the world collecting and selling fossils and mineral specimens. I’ve lived in all kinds of exotic places like Amsterdam, Holland, Bali, Indonesia, Morocco, Germany, and Mexico. In the summer of 1977, along with my best friend Bubba, aka Mike Clanton (R.I.P.), I finally found my true home: New Orleans, Louisiana – the Big Easy. Birthplace of Jazz. Home of the Saints & the Who Dat Nation. The greatest city in the U.S.A., quite possibly, the world.

After years of hard work, (and the help of a wonderful patron) I was miraculously able to open the Jamie Hayes Gallery at 903 Decatur Street, in the French Quarter. We opened the doors January 1, 2003, a glorious day for me and my family. The gallery was an immediate smash hit. A month after we opened, we moved into a mansion on Royal Street. Mercy. God bless America. The Jamie Hayes Gallery took off like a jet; a geyser, a volcano even.

Then in August of 2005 an angry, ferocious water buffalo named Katrina stampeded through my city and in many ways changed this wonderful, magical place forever. I lost two art galleries and our home because of the hurricane, and this disaster has also forever changed my family’s lives and the lives of countless others as well.

Because of Katrina, the galleries and our home were gone and I began a new life with Pam and Julian out in sunny, Southern California. We wound up there because of a couple of real collectors of my art. After Katrina there were over 100 emails from fans all over the country inviting us to come and stay at their home. One of those offers came from Charlie and Mary in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, who said they had an ‘extra’ home over-looking the Pacific Ocean. That sounded mighty fine to us, so we accepted their generous offer. Believe me, it was the right choice. It’s hard to imagine such a beautiful place. As much as California was a great place, we knew it wasn’t home.

In early 2007 we finally found our way home. Back to New Orleans; where my art, my heart and my family belong. How about a big fat “YEAH, YOU RIGHT.” And “WHO DAT!” Now we’re back in a big way with two brand new, side-by-side, adjoining galleries in the heart of the French Quarter at 617 and 621 Chartres Street. Located just a half block from the St. Louis Cathedral. I hope you will come see us soon. It’s time for you to come back.” [2]

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Jamie Hayes Gallery

617 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70130