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“We were never looking for great publicity, nor were we claiming anything more than our expertise in 19th Century art. Our founder, Kurt E. Schon, has only one opinion – give the collector the best of the best of authentic 19th Century French and English Art.

Over fifty years have passed and in looking back over those years we are proud that our paintings were exhibited from the National Gallery in Washington D.C. to the Victoria and Albert in London, plus over thirty museums from our home in New Orleans, to Atlanta, Seattle and in all the fine cities in between.

Of course the result was that artists like Bouguereau, Gerome, Marshall, Stubbs, Tissot, and more became million dollar household names at the top of auction houses in New York and London.

It was never our intention to become the gallery that made stars out of the 19th Century Academic Artists, but we know about the conservative mainstream. We were flattered that for hundreds of paintings, our expertise was boldly printed in auction catalogs in the USA, England, and France.

We never promised more than what we have done for the past fifty plus years. We gave and continue to give the best. Everything else will never be of importance. Quality is priceless and we are proof of that.” [1]

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