The Crabnet


Doug and Rita Lambert opened The Crabnet in 1981. It is located in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Looking for a theme for the shop, they chanced upon wildlife art and gifts, because Doug’s childhood had been spent hunting and fishing. His fondest memories were of his dad and three brothers heading to the camp near the Atchfalaya Swamp on Friday evening for a weekend of fishing for bass, running catfish lines, and catching frogs and crawfish. On the weekends not at the camp, they would go rabbit or duck hunting near their home in Baton Rouge. [1]

Once married, Doug and Rita settled in Rita’s hometown of New Orleans. Her parents had owned gift shops in the French Quarter for many years. After working for her parents for several years, they decided to venture out on their own. Searching for Louisiana wildlife artists was an easy task because there are many talented artists in the area. In fact, their best-selling print artists, Daniel Rhodes, Randy McGovern, and Brett Smith, have shown their work at The Crabnet for over twenty-five years. Their best-selling woodcarvers, Richard Reeves and Ken Picou, have done the same. A new addition in the last five years has been the metal art of Curtis Kroesche. [2]

In 2001, they opened their online shop – It has continued to expand in scope and variety with each passing year. [3]

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