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Nahan Fine Art represents contemporary American and European artists: James Coignard, Nissan Engel, Raimundo Figueroa, Thomas Hamann, Ken Kenan, Max Papart, Theo Tobiasse, Cecil Touchon, and the Zhou Brothers.

Founded in 1997 by Ken Nahan, former director of Nahan Galleries in New York, Nahan Fine Art offers a selection of paintings, prints, and unique works by established contemporary American and European artists. In August 2007, Nahan Fine Art relocated to New Orleans, LA.

In addition, Nahan Fine Art provides consultation and curatorial services for fine art dealers, artists, and collectors. Presentations and consultations are available by appointment. In-home or office appointments are also available in the greater New Orleans area. [1]

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Nahan Fine Art

540 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130