Richard Pryor Here and Now

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"Richard Pryor Here and Now" Press Book

Photo Credit: Hollywood On The Bayou


“Richard Pryor Here and Now” is a live stand-up performance by comedian Richard Pryor combined with a documentary that was filmed at New Orleans’ 3,000-seat Saenger Theatre in 1983. The marketing of the film is an example of how stars were commodified during that time period.

Richard Pryor, an Illinois native, was a stand-up comedian, most famous for his work in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Columbia Pictures Chairman Frank Price praised Pryor’s national appeal, stating, “We feel that Richard has proven to be one of the most creative talents in the entertainment industry today.” The film’s playbook (pictured here) contains many pages solely about Pryor’s cinematic success and the economic value of his $40-million multi-year contract with Columbia Pictures.

This type of praise is similar to the type production companies executives showered on the silent cinema star Laetrice Joy. What is noticeable is how Joy is framed as a local star, but Pryor as a national one.

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