Liberty Theatre


The Liberty Theater – a Saenger project managed under the auspices of Boehringer Amusement Company – was a lavishly designed downtown New Orleans theater intended by its owners to be “the most complete motion picture theater in the South.” [1] The St. Charles theater was complete with ceiling frescoes completed by Italian artist Guiseppe Rossi, a marble staircase leading to its foyer, and a miniaturized Statue of Liberty adorning its cornice. [2]

Films known to have screened at the Liberty include:
“Twenty One” starring Bryant Washburn
“Uneasy Money” starring Taylor Holmes [3]

As of August 1918, a matinee ticket cost ten cents, while evening tickets cost 15, incorporating a one and two cent “war tax” respectively.

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Liberty Theatre

420 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA