Lu and Charlie's Music Club


In 1971, a historic modern jazz club opened, called Lu and Charlie’s: Jazz-Portable Sustenance Club and Restaurant. The club was located on 1101 N. Rampart Street at Ursuline in the French Quarter. [1] The owners of the club were a married couple named Lula and Charlie Bering. The building was described as having plum colored stone outside walls. There were two floors, with a balcony stretching fully around the house on the second floor, which housed several private residences. The club was on the first floor, and the door was placed on the intersecting corners of the streets. The chairs inside surrounded the bar. The club’s burgers were a trademark of the place because many young kids sat outside eating the burgers and listening to the music so they would not get in trouble for loitering inside. [2]

Lula and Charlie

The owners of the club were a married couple named Lula Lewis and Charlie Bering. They started the club because they wanted to open a modern jazz club in New Orleans. Lula said, “Not being able to find modern Jazz in New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz, surprised me. I had to make a decision to either leave New Orleans or create a place where modern jazz could be heard.” [3]

Preservation Society Inc.

A year after Lu and Charlie’s closed in 1977, Lula and her husband started the Preservation Society Inc., which was a nonprofit organization for New Orleans’ African American musicians. Eric Elie, a world famous jazz musician, later described Charlie’s death in 1998 as an “end of an era.” The Preservation Society Inc.‘s website allowed followers to contribute to the foundation and show their respects for Charlie, remembering the musicians of the time.

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Lu and Charlie's Music Club

1101 North Rampart Street, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA