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“To transform failing public schools into high-performing charter schools in order to prepare students for high school, college, and the competitive world beyond”. [1]


“Our school vision is built on the belief that all students regardless of race, family background, socio-economic status, or prior academic performance can perform at exceptional levels. Through a combination of dedicated staff, high expectations and a commitment to delivering high quality instruction every day, our students will thrive and learn that education is supposed to be fun. [2] That ‘love of learning’ and sense of personal and community responsibility will be instilled in each student as they matriculate through our school. We intend to send all of our graduates to college by preparing them for the city’s most rigorous public and private high schools.”

Background and History

New Orleans, prior to Hurricane Katrina, was known for having the lowest performing schools in the nation. In 2005, it was confirmed that less than 45% of this city’s high school students taking the Louisiana Graduate Exit Exam demonstrated proficiency in four major subjects: Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. Half of the public schools located in New Orleans were known as “academically acceptable” and less than half of New Orleans public school students decided to graduate from high school. [3] Even these students were extremely unprepared to enter the world of college.
Hurricane Katrina made this situation a lot more difficult as its effects caused people to become displaced from their homes from the flooding that devastated the city of New Orleans. After the damage was repaired and people were safely moved back into the city of New Orleans, people were left without any schooling for five weeks or even up to the next school year.
On December 12, 2006, Nola 180 submitted its Charter School Application in response to all of these facts to try to address the need to change the educational system in New Orleans. Nola 180 then opened a college preparatory school called Langston Hughes Academy for the 2007-2008 school year. This opening has dramatically changed the schooling system for kids living in this city and it gave students hope.

Activities and Programs

Nola 180 offers a college-prep curriculum and features an extended school day that allows a student to become more prepared for college and a job than any other student would receive in another school. Each student receives 50% more instructional time than an ordinary public school. This program allows students to learn more and achieve more than they would at any other public school that they could possibly go to in the city of New Orleans.
Nola 180 contains a lot of activities that make their schools more unique than any other schools. Along with the academic program that a student has, they are capable of participating in a variety of activities outside the regular academic classes. These activities include out-of-state field lessons that help students achieve their goals better in a work friendly environment. Also, to help benefit people with special needs, they have created a division that allows these students to participate in specific programs, such as the IEP Team. These staff members help identify which students contain disabilities and help them with anything they need. They also do all the same activities that a regular student does but at a different pace.
To provide support and to ensure success for homeless students that are enrolled, these students are provided with after-school activities and are ensured that they will be capable to participate in the entire education experience that is provided. Also, if a student is in need of transportation due to family constraints, Nola 180 provides transportation. These students will also have a faculty advisor that is assigned to every student. These advisors are responsible to keep an eye out for these students and to remain in close contact with the student and their guardians. These advisors schedule weekly visits to the student’s home or shelter to see if the student has proper safety in their respective homes and to help make recommendations to the Social Services department in New Orleans if they are not given the proper care or safety that a person should have.

Students who are in the 94th percentile on internal assessments and the Stanford-10 test at the beginning of each school year will be qualified as a gifted student. These students will have increased difficulty in their classes, meaning that their questions that they are asked to solve will become a lot harder than the average student. These students will be pushed towards success if they are advancing in this specific program. This program does not contain a large number of students.
Lastly, these schools contain a nine-hour day. This allows students to learn more and at the same time. It allows students to participate in extracurricular activities such as Karate, art, flag football, basketball, math club, poetry, chess club and tutoring for students that need extra help for their classes. [4]

Economic and Cultural Impact of Organization

This organization makes a huge impact in New Orleans. They provide kids all over New Orleans with a proper education to prepare them for high schools and college. The nine hour days allows a student to learn more and receive a proper education. This organization provides New Orleans with a great educational program and gives back to the community. Students would be without school if this program did not form. The restructuring of failed public schools into high functioning charter schools allows a student to achieve their goals a lot easier than they once were used to. If Nola 180 achieves its goal by sending over eighty percent of enrolled students to college, they will set the tone for other places and be a foundation for other places’ charter schools. This program has allowed New Orleans to become one of the first all-charter school systems of public education across the United States. [5] These students who move onto high school and college will be more prepared than any other school system and will know what it is like to perform in high-functioning environments.

Similar Organizations in New Orleans

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