A beautiful blend of Creole and French cuisine can be found at Broussard’s. Founded in 1920, Broussard’s restaurant has been a favorite among both natives of New Orleans and visitors. The location in the French Quarter and the Parisian theme of the restaurant create a culturally enriching experience that one will never forget.


Broussard’s was opened and founded by Joseph Broussard. He married Rosalie Borrello and moved into her family’s mansion on Conte street. Broussard’s restaurant still sits in that same location. The couple lived in an apartment above the restaurant after it was established. Joseph trained in Paris to be a cook and blended his teachings with Creole inspiration. Joe was fascinated by Napolean and anything Napoleonic. The restaurant’s logo is a Bee, which was Napolean’s personal emblem. [1]


Charles Gresham and Charles Renke restored the restaurant in 1974 after both Joseph and Rosalie died in 1966. Gunter Preuss then took over the restaurant with his wife Evelyn, who serves as the hostess. Gunter has worked at Statler Hilton in New York, the Capitol Hilton in Washington DC, and the Mission Hills Country Club in Kansas City. He moved to New Orleans to be the Fairmont Hotel executive chef at the Sazerac restaurant. He and Evelyn then founded the Versailles Restaurant on St. Charles avenue. They were selected to host the dining festivity of the papal visit of John Paul II in 1989. Gunter also made an appearance on the PBS show, Great Chefs of New Orleans. The couple’s son, Marc Preuss now serves as the general manager of the restaurant. Marc was educated at a European hotel school and trained at the Ritz Carlton and Sun City Resort in South Africa.“History.” Broussard’s Restaurant, n.d. Web. 10
Nov. 2012.

Chef Tory Stewart

Tory Stewart, 35, is Broussard’s current head chef. The San Diego native started experimenting in the kitchen when he moved to Florida. He later attended culinary school at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. In New York he interned with Mario Batali at the Kitchen of Esca. After he graduated the culinary institute in New York, he moved to New Orleans and became the Sous Chef at Begue’s, the restaurant at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. After Hurricane Katrina hit and devastated New Orleans, Stewart was forced to return to Florida. There he became the sous chef at H2O at a Hilton-owned property in Pensicola. One year later he returned to New Orleans to begin working for Gunter Preuss at Broussard’s. Stewart has contributed his Orange-Lime Marinated Grouper, seafood Ceviche Martini, and Berkshire Pork Chop flambéed with Calvados to Broussard’s menu.Berry, Anne. “A Grande Dame Gets Cozy.” Dining
Ventures, 2012. Web. 10 Nov. 2012.


Broussard’s restaurant is made up of different parts of pre-existing buildings. These buildings include the old Borrello mansion, part of the Jefferson Academy prep school, built in the 1800s, and the Hermann-Grima house, established in 1834. The inside of Broussard’s restaurant has hand-painted Italian tiles of cherubs and the Napoleonic insignia. In the back sits a cobblestone courtyard with a fountain and beautiful foliage. The courtyard becomes popular to dine at in the spring time. The Josephine and Magnolia Dining Rooms used to be stables and servant’s quarters in Hermann-Grima House and the piano lounge is the remnants of the backroom of Borrello mansion. Live jazz can be found playing on weekends.“Broussard’s.” New Orleans Tourism
Marketing Corporation, n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2012.


Broussard’s restaurant has been given many awards. Two are the DiRona award (1998), and the Ivy Award (2000). Broussard’s will also be inducted into the Nation’s Restaurant News’ Fine Dining Hall of Fame. [2]

Popular Dishes

1. Broussard’s Spinach Salad
2. Corn, Shrimp, and Sweet Potato Bisque
3. Crabmeat Broussard’s
4. Stuffed Mirliton with Wild Louisiana Shrimp and Lump Crabmeat

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