New Orleans Office of Film and Video


This office is the film and video branch of the New Orleans Cultural Development Office. Located in the Arts Council of New Orleans, this office deals with the statewide tax incentive program for producers looking to finance a film, especially in regards to on-site shooting projects, and issues permits to the producers. This office also advertises security companies, technical workers and actors in order to provide productions with easy access to a local workforce.


Since 2002, the state of Louisiana has offered tax incentives to film companies. Louisiana competes with other states, such as New Mexico and Michigan, by offering substantial tax subsidies to companies in regards to preproduction, production, and postproduction of films. The idea of these tax incentives is to create a healthy, self-sustaining film economy in Louisiana cities, such as New Orleans, and in effect create jobs and stimulate commerce. Film subsidies appeal to producers because they provide for the financing of film and television projects that used to be bankrolled by the studios
In addition to tax subsidies, Louisiana also allows for the sale of tax credits with a goal to increase the amount of money spent in the state on film related services and to promote the usage of New Orleans film workers. Since producers mainly come from out of state and do not have a tax liability in New Orleans, Louisiana allows producers to sell these tax credits to other companies that need them for the discounts they offer. The producers can then directly pocket the cash from these transactions. [1] The sale of these credits, as of July 2009, can also directly transfer the credits back to the Department of Revenue for 85% of the original face value of the tax credit. [2] An additional advantage of this system is that the producers do not have to be reliant upon the state’s ability to pay for production. The tax credits are can be directly sold to the taxpayers in Louisiana and can be used to avoid some of their own taxes. Louisiana also gives loans to these productions in order to further incentivize the state film industry. Programs such as NOVAC (New Orleans Video Access Center) also add to the appeal for Hollywood producers by creating a workforce capable of sustaining the film industry. Several schools in New Orleans, such as the University of New Orleans, have created degree programs for majors such as film, theater, and special effects in order to have a locally based labor pool that the producers can have easy access to. [3] Therefore instead of transporting a workforce from all the way from Hollywood to film locations in Louisiana, the producers can easily hire labor already located and educated in the state. [4]

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New Orleans Office of Film and Video

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