New Orleans Association of Commerce

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The 1918 Annual Report of the New Orleans Association of Commerce

Photo Credit: "Annual Report of the New Orleans Association of Commerce." January 7, 1918.


The New Orleans Association of Commerce was an organization dedicated to bringing about positive change in New Orleans-based industries.

Significance in Relation to New Orleans Boosterism in the Early 1900’s

In the 1918 annual report issued by then-president Ernest Lee Jahncke, outlined his plans to increase the “get together spirit in New Orleans,” and to collaborate with the city government in order to promote the overall welfare of the city and the state. Their approach included interests in promoting trade and industry, brining new businesses to New Orleans, and civic improvement of New Orleans and the greater Louisiana. One of the ways that the Association planned to intact this plan was to bring moving picture producers to New Orleans. This form of boosterism promoted New Orleans as a center of innovation and film production. [1]

The Push to Promote New Orleans

This push to frame New Orleans and Louisiana coincided with the efforts of film production companies such as Diamond Film Company and Harcol Film Company to ensure the success of Louisiana produced films. [2]

Continuing Efforts

The effort to brand New Orleans and the state of Louisiana as a whole as centers of industry and promote job creation still exist today in the form of the tax-incentive program. According to Will French, president of Film Production Capital and board member of the Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association, the increase in production brought about by the tax incentives have helped to bolster employment and keep jobs from moving out of state. While the tax incentives are inherently controversial and any positive long term economic impact for the state is debatable, the desire to frame the region as a progressive and cultured community by way of the film industry still exists today. The increase in activity within the film industry is hoped to aid other industries and create sustainable economic growth, a goal that was similarly expressed in the 1918 New Orleans Association of Commerce Report. [3]

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