A Snapshot of Jill Jackson

September 10th, 2014

Jill Jackson’s scrapbook is a visual guide of her experience as a sports and entertainment broadcaster. I specifically looked at the 2nd volume (or second scrapbook) of her collection, which she organized by year. The 2nd volume includes various clippings all transpiring in the 1940’s.… read more

Olive Biggar’s scrapbook is a powerful tool that invites an audience to take a look at her life. She records a part of her high school journey leading to college life with different types of memorabilia. It can be hypothesized that Olive was a very… read more

Jill Jackson: A Subjective Explanation of Her Career With A Purpose Jill Jackson bookmarks her career as a New Orleans’ reporter and entertainer with her collection of career-related mementos and corresponding personalized commentary. Jill Jackson’s handmade scrapbook is organized thematically to illustrate the nine years of her life that were spent as a highly regarded female… read more

Mary Jane Conover’s scrapbook details her life from 1899-1907. Her scrapbook contains many photos of her family and of her travel experiences. The start of her scrapbook contains family portraits of different members of her family along with their names. Among the photos of the… read more

By peeling back the pages of Rupert Crebbin’s scrapbook, one can observe many handpicked facts and figures that hint at who this woman really is. The scrapbook itself is an account of Mrs. Crebbin’s 1945-1946 debutante year, the women she shared it with, and the… read more

Ms. Lota Blythe seemed like an average college student, with aged newspaper clippings and fraternal ritual cards, but her desire for the fine arts can be inferred through the other 243 pages of her “ideal scrapbook”. All scrapbooks are meant to reflect the author or… read more

Lavinia Brock attended Newcomb College. She documented her life through the art of Scrapbooking. From this remains I have been able to conclude the following… Lavinia kept a scrapbook of a very important time in her life. The years of 1954-1957, during which she attended… read more

Lavinia Brock’s scrapbook documents the beginning of her college experience at Newcomb. She organized the scrapbook chronologically and included items such as news articles, college handbooks, ribbons, awards, letters, invitations, sorority and fraternity formal invitations, souvenirs from events, play programs, and photographs. She captioned a… read more

Anne Randolph Crichton’s scrapbook is a window into her life and travels that began in 1938. Based on the collection of mementos from her voyages to Europe, it can be surmised that Anne wanted to remember her trips. There is a baggage claim ticket for… read more

Lavinia's Newcomb Life

September 11th, 2014

Lavinia Brock started a scrapbook at the beginning of her freshman year to document her achievements, experiences, and life during her time at Newcomb. She worked on this scrapbook into her junior year and it became a home for newspaper articles, Mardi Gras beads and… read more

Based through my observations of Jill Jackson’s scrapbook, with a particular focus on the first book in her collection, her scrapbook seems to be about her career as a sports broadcaster and entertainer in New Orleans for WWL. She has filled it mainly with pictures… read more

In examining Lavinia Brock’s well-kept scrapbook, I discovered, or believe I discovered, many interesting clues as to who this young woman might have been during a portion of her life. The scrapbook spans the years 1954 through 1957, and focuses on her freshman (and a… read more

In October of 1954, Lavinia Brock was named the “GAL of the Month!” in the Urchin, a magazine, which appears to have depicted student life at Tulane and Newcomb (page 73). The article praises Brock for her involvement as a “new Freshman Cheerleader[s].” Lavinia proudly… read more

A Piece of Lavinia

September 11th, 2014

Lavinia Brock’s college scrapbook archives what seems like the course of the 1954 to 1955 and 1955 to 1956 school years. Based on the photograph on page 9, of Lavinia at the 1954 orientation, and an article titled “Freshman Facts or Address to the Lowly”… read more

The scrapbook of Mary Jane Conover is a sturdy, ornate volume: leather bound, with floral carvings and a brass lock. Although frayed at the edges from what could be time or from use, it was crafted and assembled in a way that reflects an archivist’s… read more

A Brief History of Jill Jackson The woman in the photos is Jill Jackson. From what I can deduce this is a scrapbook detailing her career as a journalist and all-around Hollywood well-to-do. It is more than obvious from her scrapbook that she was a very popular lady. Many pieces were… read more