Jered Bocage, TC '00, G '02

September 24th, 2014

Jered Bocage likes to joke that he is cursed: all of the schools he attended at Tulane no longer exist. He earned a B.A. in French from Tulane College in 2000 followed by an M.A. in civic and cultural management from the Graduate School in… read more

Jason Eskind is a recent alum from Tulane University and is the 2nd generation of his family to attend Tulane. He graduated in 2009 with a degree in Business Management. After graduation he worked as a sales representative. Jason currently works at Best Brands Inc.… read more

Coming all the way from New Jersey to attend Tulane, Dana was determined to make the most out of her time at the University claiming that, “the unusualness of the town is why I wanted to be here [at Tulane] I felt like it would… read more

Unique: a word frequently used by Matt Coleman, University College class of 2004, when describing his four years at Tulane University. His favorite memories of his time at school stem from the combination of both the academic and social aspects the university had to offer.… read more

Stephen Toland, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 1994 Stephen Toland, Class of 1994 Stephen Toland decided to attend Tulane because it promised a small campus that would allow him to form great friendships in the great city of New Orleans. Even though having the opportunity to participate in Tulane’s clubs and organizations did… read more

Marisa Crabtree, a Tulane alum who graduated Newcomb College in 1999, was a poster-child for getting involved during her four years at Tulane. Marisa packed her days full to the brim, as she attended activities, worked as a resident advisor, was elected for the homecoming… read more

Tom Wallace graduated from the School of Arts and Sciences in the year 1984 with the expectation of using his hard-earned degree in Political Science. During his college career, he had the intention of going to law school. He started out in New York City… read more

Charlotte Travieso loves New Orleans more than anything in the world. Her dedicated time spent in the city spans from her adolescent years, through high school, all the way to being a graduate of Newcomb College in 1964. After graduation she spent most of her… read more

Alyssa Rogers, Class of 1993 Alyssa Rogers entered Tulane University in 1989 and graduated in 1993. Her love of the city influenced her decision to go to Tulane. She was interested in pursuing a career in public relations, so she declared a major in communications,… read more

As someone who attended Tulane during the height of the “Streaking” fad, Carol Showley had many colorful memories of her time as a college and graduate student. Carol began her Freshman year in the liberal arts program at Newcomb College in the Fall of 1970.… read more

Gino Mortillaro is originally from New Orleans and graduated from Tulane in 2009 with a degree in Psychology. Being from New Orleans, his adjustment to the community was not difficult. He was involved in many activities ranging from men’s club volleyball to being a NOLA… read more

Rob Alexander went to college and never left. He graduated Tulane with a B.S. in Psychology, stayed at Tulane for his M.B.A., and then worked in the Tulane alumni office through 2007. After that he worked for the University of the Pacific, and currently works… read more

Originally from New Jersey, Teddy Nathan was drawn to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He believed that New Orleans presented an interesting opportunity to pursue his interest in community development and non-profit work so with the help of a very supportive family he took the… read more

Parker Hutchinson is a Louisiana native brought up in the town of Houma who graduated with the class of 2004. Parker is an avid music listener and worked as a DJ and continues to this day in the basement of the LBC for WTUL. As… read more

Aneesha Marwah had a different freshman experience than your typical college student. In the very first days of freshman year, hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Unfortunately, right after move in, the storm hit and the university and the school shut down. The school predicted that… read more

Alumna Cameron Conklin Class of 2014 Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Cameron Conklin graduated magna cum laude from Tulane in 2014 under the School of Liberal Arts. She double majored in Communication and Political Economy and minored in Architectural Studies. At the senior awards ceremony, she… read more

Marie Davis today sits in a book-lined office in the Department of Communications overlooking Newcomb Quad as the Executive Secretary of the Department of Communications. A well-trafficked office, at any point in time one can see her fellow instructors, staff, and students paying her visits,… read more

Jonathan Stroud graduated from Tulane in 2004 with a Bachelor in Science in Biomedical Engineering. As a member of one of the last classes to graduate before Hurricane Katrina, Jonathan was a writer at the Tulane Hulaballoo and was also in the Homecoming court parade… read more

Our final digital story became a compilation of alumna “Mossy” Sartub’s favorite memories of her senior year: football season, Saturday Night Live filming in the French quarter, her favorite restaurant, and general campus life. Now, on MediaNola, these descriptions of fond memories will be visible… read more

Tulane is more than a university. Whether you like it or not, it becomes your home. This digital story, created by Audrey Lounsbury and Charlotte Giroux, shares the memories of Venessa Funches and Kristen Chawla, and their magical time spent in New Orleans at Tulane. read more

Our final digital story functions as a memory archive by capturing two women’s unique stories and experiences at Tulane University and preserving them so they won’t be lost. By preserving these relatable events that these two women went through (i.e. 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina) this… read more