New Family

April 4th, 2013

I twirled the silly putty into a long green mustache and placed it above my upper lip, igniting a loud explosion of laughter from Felicia. She had been quiet all evening, but from that moment onwards, I realized that I would have a new little girlfriend, tugging at my shirt always wanting to play. Our first night at the Carter’s, who I learned are now the Yorke’s via a divorce, was so much fun. Time passed quickly as we grew friendlier, the initial hesitation and uncertainty evaporated and we’ve already grown into family. I feel very close with the Yorkes. I consider Victoria a little sister (she is the same age as my brother). I am inspired and impressed with her accomplishments and future goals. She is applying for colleges now and I feel the same urge to guide her like I guide my little brother. Ms. Yorke reminds me of my own mother and grandmother. She would fit in with my family very well and we exchange stories to illustrate our similarities. Little Felicia is a cutie and full of energy and a great imagination. I think the film is going great so far but more importantly I feel a strong connection with the Yorkes and consider them very close to me.

By Jake Hart