Learning Through Teaching

April 4th, 2013

My work with Clark Prep this semester through Tulane’s service learning program has given me a new angle on understanding dedication as I move into my final year of college and begin to plan for my professional life. Enthusiasm makes up for numbers in Clark’s small afterschool Digital Media Club, with students eagerly clamoring to learn every aspect of camera angles, editing, and writing for film for three hours once a week after classes. Having identified film as a passion and potential long-term interest, students at Clark go the extra mile to create opportunities for themselves to learn, rather than waiting for those opportunities to fall into their laps. The initiative and unending commitment I have experienced at Clark has reminded me that while skill is a valuable tool in pursuing ones goals, nothing can outweigh the value of pure dedication. In pursuing a career upon graduation, I hope to carry with me the example the students at Clark Preparatory Academy have set.

By Missy Walker